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International Women's Day


To celebrate International Women's Day we've launched a discount code WOMENSDAY at checkout to get 10% off your order for 24 hours!

"Where there is a women, there is magic". 

This quote resinates with me so well, it's a beautiful way of acknowledging the power of just your existence as a women. You don't need to be a superhero business women with the perfect home, perfectly dressed and polished children and on your path to conquer the world to be of irreplaceable value in someone else's life and your own life. 

It's always about all the daily little things we do which are part of creating you as an individual, they're unique to you and I believe it takes a lifetime to become who you are and not the surrounding elements which you may think define you. 

Feminism has so many aspects and some I've struggled to get behind. Women are already strong, it's in our nature to create life and build on that but for me it's also about recognising the men in your life who have created, guided and given life to your dreams. 

Naturally I am an introverted extrovert! I sit on the sidelines and watch far more comfortably than being in the centre but equally I am comfortable and happy around like minded people speaking about something I'm passionate about. The relationships you build throughout your life create a map to help you navigate the rest of it. 

My dad has helped mould me into who I wanted to become in the business world and without his input and guidance my past successes I strongly believe may not have happened. From starting at Wickes in a very male dominated environment as a 16 year old girl with an old soul on her shoulders but quickly worked up the ladder of promotions. To then starting at Land Rover in the service department in an even more male dominated world dealing with 'can I speak to a man please' even though the male I was turning to was an apprentice and simply asked me for the answers the customer asked him. 

After creating a very successful career for 7 years in the motor trade, then being made redundant in 2020 it opened up the possibility of creating your own future as opposed to the rat race I'd been in for years. This is where James my partner then fully supported my dream of creating a home business and ran with it and truly without his drive and belief Habitual Home wouldn't exist. 

And now we're 3 years down the line, running stronger than ever in a difficult climate and investing in growth for the future. 
However whilst giving the nod to the men behind me I also acknowledge the huge amount of work still to do. 

This year, IWD will also explore the impact of the digital gender gap on inequality for women and girls, as the UN estimates that women's lack of access to the online world will cause a $1.5 trillion loss to gross domestic product of low and middle-income countries by 2025 if action isn't taken.

Why have I said this? It's my contribution to the thinking behind International Women's Day as partnerships really matter. 

Thank you for reading x