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Father's Day - The Giving Guide

What to do for the dad who want's nothing..

I thought it would be nice to dedicate a corner of our website to the men in our lives who have got us to where we are today. Father’s Day is on the 19th for anyone who needs a gentle reminder.. 

I'm fortunate enough my parents are still together and my dad is a huge part of my life but I know for many they don't have this, whether its due to loss, the single mum doing the job of both parents or any other reason, I’ll be thinking of you on Father’s Day.

I've created a little list of inspiration for Dad, Grandfather, soon to be dad's, step fathers and fur dads or any father figures in your life who need to know how amazing they are.

So let's begin!

Don't underestimate the power of your presence.. 

A wise aunty told me this once and it couldn't be more true! Special occasions need not mean money, unfortunately they so often are related to extravegance but I hope our learning's from lockdown have reminded us that the power of time Is greater than any gift. Coming up with a date in your diary to spend time with the men you love whether it be just afternoon tea, a dinner at his favourite restaurant or starting a new hobby together, it will create an everlasting gift which is greater than money can buy. 


Every father has a story worth sharing... 

This has to be the favourite gift I've ever given my dad! "Preserve meaningful moments and memories in a beautiful keepsake book. Then, share the experience with loved ones and discover stories you never knew". Storyworth was started by Nick Baum in the fall of 2012 to make it really easy for his Dad to record his stories. They launched publicly in April of 2013, and Storyworth is now used by families all around the country and the world. 

Keep memories alive and delve into the answers of any burning questions you have. I bought this for my Dad in March for his Birthday, it's super simple to use and if you don't have any questions pop into your head straight away their's a huge list of suggested questions to use to get you started.

You simply email them your question and they respond back. It's then sent back to you to read now and archived to create a gorgeous hardback book at the end of the year. You can sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy reading the adventures that were, add images or edit them at any point, having something flexible means any forgotten bits can be easily added. 

The highlight of each week now is waiting for one of my Dad's stories to come through, accompanied by photos I've never seen and stories I'm hearing for the first time, it's honestly like jumping into a real life picture book which will last forever. 

I can't shout about it enough I just absolutely love it! Best gift ever. x 

Head to the website to see for yourself here.

Give them a little luxury for their toes..

I'm sure I don't just speak for myself when I say this.. dad's socks ALWAYS have holes in... so the question poses do you give them nail clippers or socks? For the socks which are no longer repairable due to more mended cotton thread than sock ratio (guarantee these are their favourite pair of socks though). I genuinely don't think they’re are phased by this, but they are always grateful for a little luxury. As we know most dad's will always give generously to others but never on themselves, my dad is certainly guilty for this. He will only buy something for himself when absolutely necessary, it must be practical, well made and usually in the sale..

I adore London Sock Company  and It can suit whatever budget you might have. 

"He’s always had your back, now it’s your turn to have his, well, feet”.

“Help him Walk Brighter, with London’s favourite socks. Crafted from the finest materials and made to last".


The gift for his beloved fur friend.. 

There's something special about the connection between a dog and their dad, there's the extra bounciness, afternoon naps and rough play which is so much much more fun with them. Nala our Cavapoo has a completely different level of excitement when James walks through the door, a sense of safety when she has a nap on his chest or just complete craziness when they're playing.


Not On the Hightstreet have a beautiful collection of gifts for any animal dad who needs a little appreciation for the rainy dog walks, poo picking and general things which we usually would rather not do.. 

"Each unique find is made or sourced by one of the UK’s best small creative businesses. Now that’s the cat’s pyjamas". 

Browse their Father's Day pet collection here.


This is one of my favourite photos (amongst many) of us, this was Prom day, some years ago now! I hope you enjoyed reading this weeks blog, I'm starting to get into the swing of it now, filling up the notes section in my phone and finding pictures to put in. It's quite therapeutic. I'de love to hear what you think, either share on your socials or pop in the comments section below, I can't wait to read them.

As you know we always offer something special EXCLUSIVE to our readers, we’d love to offer you 15% off our Father's Day Collection using code GIFT15 at checkout, valid until the 19th June.

Thank you for reading. 

Naomi x 

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